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The Studio 

Our comfortable and convenient Pilates Studio facility is located within Hassayampa, just a few steps from Prescott National Forest and less than 10 minutes from downtown Prescott.

We train on Balanced Body Pilates Equipment:
Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Chair, Mini Arch Barrel, BOSU, Roller, Various small apparatus

Each piece of Pilates equipment is designed to challenge stability, strength, balance, proprioception and endurance.  And improve your posture.  Posture improvement takes 10 years off your looks and 10 pounds off your body!

After your Pilates session, enjoy a hike through the Prescott National Forest and experience the "back way" to Thumb Butte or take a walk around the hills of Hassayampa!

Golf Fitness with a Certified Titleist Performance Institute Instructor
Evaluations and Physical Screenings take place at The Studio. 

Utilizing our physical screening process, we measure your ability to generate and transfer speed and determine the most efficient energy transfer throughout your body. We will isolate any physical limitations, correlate these findings to YOUR swing technique and prescribe a custom-conditioning programFactors like strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, nutrition, stability, power, vision and posture all influence the body's mechanics.

We can then match your swing technique with your physical attributes to help you build a more repeatable and efficient golf swing:
Improve your Golf Swing
Improve your Fitness
Play Pain-Free
Keep Playing Longer

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